Cantilever Parasol

Cantilever Parasols

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Cantilever umbrellas are called light bulb umbrellas that look like a table lamp. Rectangular cantilever umbrella are more popular than other umbrella models because of their aesthetic look. Such umbrellas can be easily controlled with fixed or wheeled marble feet are produced wood-like or white-bodied. It is possible to benefit more from the shade of the umbrella because of the shape of the body.  

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During the summer, all shops and furniture stores are full of garden accessories. People finally get to spend more time in nature, in the back of their own yard, chilling around, dining, swimming, sunbathing and making barbeque. All of these favorite activities, which describe summer in its element cannot be complete and perfectly safe without a quality cantilever parasol, which keeps the harsh sun rays away from you. There are so many types of garden umbrellas that it gets confusing when you want to purchase the perfect parasol for your garden. Here is what you need to know about cantilever parasols.

Either you call it parasol or umbrella, both of them have the same usage: creating a shadow for your most desired outdoor activities. But since there are many types of umbrellas out there, there are also many terms to describe them, according to their features and size. A cantilever umbrella is what you hear about as a “banana umbrella” or “hanging umbrella”. Why is it so special? Because they are designed to hang over a certain area without getting in the way with the pole or stand. Most umbrellas require a hole in the table to stabilize the umbrella. Cantilevers use their own weighted base and have flexible poles, which can be directed onto the desired area. Additionally, some of them can be leaned against walls and screwed into decking. Moreover, there will be no obstruction in your yard.

A quality cantilever parasol will add an extra layer of style to your back yard, making them a perfect accessory for any garden furniture set. Garden umbrellas are available in many sizes, colors, and shapes, which allow you to choose the one, which best fits you. A spot of color in your garden will catch attention and will make your yard more modern and fashionable. Moreover, you do not need to have a piece of garden furniture to make use of an outdoor umbrella cantilever. It can be the only accessory in your garden and still adding style to the yard. Your kids need a safe, shadowy area in the garden to play safely. Since the sun catches all of us, a garden umbrella is a perfect friend who keeps you protected from UV rays and severe heat. On the same line, if you are hosting a garden party, you should keep all the goodies and drinks far away from the burning sun rays. Keep in mind that your guests will always feel more welcome and secure in your garden if they know you have a small cantilever parasol to keep them shaded.

Cantilevers are large enough to shade a big area of your patio, lawn or deck. The awnings are made of resistant polyester, which makes them durable against UV rays. The material is waterproof and it dries very quickly after rains. Regarding the pole, it is made of aluminum, which is both strong and lightweight. So it will be easy to move it around chasing the sun, and you do not need to worry that it will not survive to a summer squall. For better stability, you will need to buy some extra weights to prevent it from flying over, especially if you live in a windy area or next to the ocean. Check our website and search for the best cantilever umbrella sale, which will add both functionality and style to your garden.

The price of the cantilevers is a little bit higher than the price of normal umbrellas, but it worths all the money. This is the case when you really get what you pay for. All our garden umbrellas and overhanging cantilever parasols are made of high standard quality materials. They are simple to use, easy to carry and to clean and they provide an effective solution against burning sun rays. Moreover, a cantilever is a stylish and beautiful addition to your yard, which may seem too empty and out of style without this useful accessory. We have plenty of cantilevers, of different sizes and colors, foldable and easy to maintain and deposit during the winter. We offer you the best cantilever patio umbrella

 So that your time spent in the garden will be more quality than ever.