Side Pole Square Umbrella

Side Pole Square Umbrella
Side Pole Square Umbrella 1
Side Pole Square Umbrella 2

Side Pole Square Umbrella

This model comes forward with having its pipe on side , it is one of the most sold item because of its sytlish  round design and ease of use. It can be applied in many projects with confidence and joy. All banana round models are CE certified like our other models.

Our company is among the largest garden umbrella manufacturers in Turkey. Your umbrella orders will be shipped safely and quickly with the shipping option we work or you want. Please contact us for more information.


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Side Pole SQUARE Umbrella Dimensions

BANANA Side Pole Square 300×300/8
Size : 300×300 cm
Tube : 70x70x2,5 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

BANANA Side Pole Square 350×350/8
Size : 350×350 cm
Tube : 70x70x2,5 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

BANANA Side Pole Square 400×400/8
Size : 400×400 cm
Tube : 100x100x2.5 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

BANANA Side Pole Rectangle 300×400/8
Size : 300×400 cm
Tube : 70x70x2,5 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

Side Pole SQUARE Umbrella Video

Side Pole SQUARE Umbrella Photo Gallery

The absence of a pillar in the middle of the umbrella makes this model different from all the other models. The biggest advantage of its square shape is that there is no loss from the shadow area when laid together or when used in front of the venues.

The cantilever umbrellas that we call as the Banana model, are our most preferred umbrella models with different usage areas. The pillar of the umbrella is on the side, thus this model is also called as a strong umbrella, ampule umbrella, pear-shaped umbrella. The fact that the umbrella pillar is on the side ensures that under side of the umbrella can be used with full efficiency when compared to our other umbrella types. The biggest advantage of our square model among our cantilever umbrellas that are manufactured as square, round and rectangular umbrella models, is that the umbrellas can cover the whole area to be shaded by laying the umbrellas together. Instead of fixed coverings with tents or different ways, cantilever umbrellas are preferred both in terms of economy and visuality. 

Even though it is a corporate product preferred by chain stores such as cafes and restaurants, our product adorning many gardens and terraces is a prominent umbrella model with different sizes and qualities. It is the most preferred product due to various reasons such as its practicality in terms of use and ergonomy, opening and closing the umbrella without disturbing people, being carried via its marble leg with a wheel and brakes and the ease of displacement. Apart from these, it is one of the first choices of people who are looking for cantilever umbrellas that can be used for long years without any problems. Our cantilever umbrella is produced in 3, 3,5 4 meters with a square shape and also in 3×4 meters with a rectangular shape. As in all our umbrellas, domestic or imported acrylic umbrella fabric and different color options are available upon request. 70x70x2,5 mm side frame is aluminum reinforced against corrosion that is thermally treated. The rope used in the rope system is one of the ropes used in small ships and yachts. The opening and closing mechanism of the umbrella is provided by turning the arm that is connected to the mechanical gear system in the side frame. This mechanical gear system also has a safety lock in order to increase safety. When the lock is open, the umbrella cannot be closed and returned even if the umbrella arm is in idle position. As soon as you unlock the arm, the umbrella arm will return to a specified level, and causes the umbrella to be closed. Thanks to this mechanism that does not require extra strength, the umbrella can also be easily opened and closed even by women. 

  • Brand Umbrella House
  • Banana Model Side-pillar umbrella
  • Can be manufactured in square and rectangular shapes
  • Square umbrella is manufactured as 3×3, 3,5×3,5, 4×4 meters
  • Rectangular umbrella is manufactured as 3×4 meters
  • Marble leg with a wheel and brake
  • With a crank shaft, lock and rope system
  • Opening and closing the umbrella by rotating the arm on the side pillar
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Can be prepared with or without eaves
  • Has the possibility to press on the models with eaves
  • Domestic or Spanish imported umbrella fabrics
  • Manufactured at the factory of Umbrella House
  • Guaranteed spare parts
  • Strong plastic spare parts and connection elements
  • Has a thermally treated and reinforced aluminum umbrella arm and frame 
  • Different colors of frame options for your special projects
  • Can be sent anywhere over Turkey as assembled