Side Pole Plus Umbrella

Side Pole Plus Umbrella

Our newest model Banana Plus adds impressive technology to side pole umbrellas, great operation and high-quality materials. It can be opened and closed easily by hand crank and the mechanism lock itself for security . The tilting option also enables customers to tilt the canopy on both sides until vertical 60 degrees. Can be easily opened and closed without disturbing sitting areas, getting attached to the pole after closing creates extra space for consumers. 

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Our company is among the largest garden umbrella manufacturers in Turkey. Your umbrella orders will be shipped safely and quickly with the shipping option we work or you want. Please contact us for more information.


Side Pole Plus Umbrella Dimension

BANANA Side Pole Plus Umbrella
Size : 300 x 300 cm
Tube : 70x70x2.5mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

BANANA Side Pole Plus Umbrella
Size : 300×400 cm
Tube : 70x70x2.5mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

BANANA Side Pole Plus Umbrella
Size : 300/8 cm
Tube : 70x70x2.5mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

Side Pole Plus Umbrella Video

Side Pole Plus Umbrella Photo Gallery

  • Brand Şemsiye Evi
  • Side-Pillar Plus Umbrella
  • Manufactured as a square umbrella
  • Manufactured with 4 arms as square with the sizes of 2×2 meters and 3×3 meters
  • It is possible to use with different umbrella legs
  • Opening and closing the umbrella with the rope roller system
  • Different and elegant appearance
  • Can be prepared with or without eaves
  • Has the possibility to press on the models with eaves
  • Domestic or Spanish imported umbrella fabrics
  • Manufactured at the factory of Şemsiye Evi
  • Guaranteed spare parts
  • Strong plastic spare parts and connection elements
  • Has a thermally treated and reinforced aluminum umbrella arm and frame 
  • Different colors of frame options for your special projects
  • Can be sent anywhere over Turkey
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