Product Tag - Hotel Umbrella

Umbrella House branded Hotel Umbrellas are suitable for use in places such as hotels, pensions, holiday villages. Hotel Umbrellas are square, round and rectangular in different widths from 2 meters to 6 meters. In addition, there are many different hotel umbrellas including side mast, double opening, clip, roller system and transmission.

The hotel umbrellas are equipped with extra reinforced aluminum profiles and umbrella handles for the intense crowds, sudden wind changes and safety. For extra resistance, aluminum umbrella body and arms are subjected to thermal heat treatment for long term usage and have an aesthetic view. Aluminum profiles can be used in the desired colors for the hotel projects mass purchase.

Hotel Umbrellas are manufactured with extra reinforced profiles and umbrella arms by prioritizing hotel umbrellas intensive use intervals, all weather conditions and safety criteria. Hotel umbrella types can be designed in desired colors and shapes for hotel projects.

Robustness and safety are usually looked for in hotel umbrellas also UV protection, waterproof, four seasoned imported fabric umbrella awnings are also widely preferred for hotel umbrellas types. Optionally, it is possible to print the hotel name or slogans with patterned or plain umbrellas, and it is also important to consider models with fixed legs or swivel legs. It is easy and safe to change the position by means of wheeled devices in rotary foot models.

Hotel umbrellas are also used in the flue system. In this way, the warm air accumulated under the umbrella is provided to exit from the top of the umbrella. One of the most important factors used in hot air evacuation is that fabrics are breathable special umbrella fabrics. Imported European fabrics are recommended for hotels especially in the regions where a lot of sunshine (Aegean and Mediterranean region, such as.). Umbrella House uses imported Spanish fabrics in hotel umbrellas. Because Spanish umbrella fabrics are much stronger than domestic and far-east fabrics and color non-fading is at least 5 times stronger than other umbrella fabrics.

Umbrella House is the first company that comes to mind in hotel umbrella which is Turkey’s leading umbrella manufacturer. For this reason, you will not have problems such as the lack of repairing the shortage of spare parts in the umbrellas of the Far East which are sold at the big markets in the umbrellas you bought from Umbrella House. If you are looking for Pool Umbrella which you can use for years, you can prefer Umbrella House branded umbrellas with peace of mind.