Balcony Decoration

Balcony Decoratıon

Balcony Decoration

Your balcony is an important architectural structure of your home opening to the outside world. People who living in hot climates usually spend time on the balcony. Therefore, the decoration of their balconies is as important as the interior decoration. You can either close your balcony with glass or use it open. This totally depends on how you want to use your balcony. Especially if you live in a city center and away from nature, you can use your favorite plants to feel the nature on your balconies. The most preferred flowers on balconies: geranium, clove, cactus, and violet. Flowers will help your brain work more efficiently with oxygen release and increase your productivity. In addition, the plants you grow on your balcony have positive effects on your psychology. With colorful flowers and plants, you can create a beautiful style on your balcony. You can use furniture in various colors and sizes according to the size of your balcony.

These can be wicker, wood and bamboo sets. If you have a small balcony, using a portable table and chair will be suitable for your balcony. You can eat your meals on the balcony and call your friends for coffee. Another suggestion to increase the functionality is; using multi-purpose chests. With the cushions you will put on the multi-purpose chests you will use, you will have an area where you can both sit and store your belongings.

You may not always want to sit in the chair and seat. For this, you can lie on the cushions or pear seats that you will throw on your balcony and enjoy your balcony. With the mattresses and pillows you will use on your balcony, you will also protect your comfort. 

Also, using artificial grass on the grounds will add a natural atmosphere to your garden. You may have a balcony with lots of sun. In order not to be drowned in temperature, you can create a canopy area for yourself with umbrellas. Umbrellas do not just protect you. Umbrellas also protect the furniture you use. For this, you can use umbrellas that will both add decorative elegance to your balcony and allow you to have a pleasant time thanks to the shade it creates. You can use lighter colors instead of dark colors so that the color of the umbrellas does not fade in the sun. You can get a beautiful image by decorating your umbrella with lights. Using an umbrella according to the size of your balcony will make it easier for you to avoid taking up space. If your balcony is open; you can choose umbrellas that radiate heat.

If you want to turn your balcony into a hobby area, you will both have a pleasant time and save space. For example; Place your canvas and make pictures inspired by nature, spread your mat and do yoga and meditation with fresh air or take your coffee and read a book in the shade of an umbrella.

You can evaluate your old items with the do-it-yourself style and you will have a pleasant effort. For example, you can grow flowers inside by painting your unused cups.

The home environment for home office workers can be overwhelming. A workspace that you create on your balcony allows you to be more productive in your work and saves you from getting bored while working.

You can find comfort in your home by using a hammock or a swing in your balconies. These items for children will add fun and comfort to your balcony. You can spend time not only in the daytime, but also in the evening on your balcony.

Lighting in the balcony to spend the night time is one of the most important parts of the decoration. You can use lighting in the colors and designs you want according to your taste. For example, you can use led lights or candles depending on the environment you will create.

You can place your favorite accessories by using shelves on your walls. If you make the walls of your balcony light color instead of dark, you will add a fresh air to your balcony. You can add a different atmosphere to your balcony by using wall coverings or wall ornaments on your walls. For example; dream catchers, mirrors, watches ..

You can choose small rugs and carpets according to the color density you decorate in your balconies. Using carpet on your balcony will make your balcony look bigger than it is. If you have a balcony with windows, you can also use stylish curtains.

If you use your balcony for food; A barbecue corner that you will use on your balcony will be good for making nice meals. You can evaluate your balcony not only for adults but also for children. You can create a playground for your child according to your wishes. You can buy an inflatable paddling pool for your child on your balcony. In this way, your child will not be bored at home.

By considering these suggestions, you can design the most suitable balcony and evaluate the time you will spend on your balcony in the best way. Remember, balcony decoration is at least as important as the interior decoration of your home.


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