Best Umbrella Models for Tables

Best Umbrella Models for Tables

Best Umbrella Models for Tables

Choosing an Umbrella for Your Garden Table

Umbrella models for tables: To spend a pleasant time outdoors, outdoor decoration is very important. In a perfect outdoor decoration, the most important element of comfort is undoubtedly the table and chairs. If you cannot sit comfortably on your table and chairs, you cannot enjoy your garden or veranda. On the other hand, even if you have comfortable table and chairs, if you do not have an umbrella to complete these furniture on hot summer days, you still cannot enjoy. You will definitely need an umbrella to ensure your comfort while spending time at your table and chairs, and you should choose it in a way that fits your decoration.

This article will guide you on this subject. If you are looking for a more detailed guide about garden umbrellas, you can check out our “Buying Garden Umbrella Guide“.

The first step in choosing the perfect umbrella for your tables is to determine what size umbrella you need. Several factors will help determine this. The first factor is the size of your table. You should definitely look for an umbrella that is not only large enough to cover the table but also provides enough shade for the people sitting around it.

There is a simple rule for the size of outdoor table umbrellas. The umbrella should be about 60cm wider than two sides of your table so that the people sitting under the umbrella are guaranteed to stay in the shade. If you want, having a fringed umbrella will be a simple solution for side sunlight. After determining our umbrella measurement, the next step is to choose which umbrella shape;

Which Umbrella Shape Should You Choose?

The second step in deciding which umbrella shape to choose is to make your choice based on the furniture your umbrella will cover. If it will cover a square table, choose a square umbrella. If your table is round, choose round or hexagonal umbrellas for complete shade and wider umbrellas that are suitable for seating arrangements for oval or rectangular tables.

Table Hole Size

If you are using an umbrella with a table, make sure that the hole is large enough to fit the diameter of the umbrella pole. There are different umbrella pole sizes starting from 1.8cm up to 5cm. Not all garden umbrellas have the same size. For this reason, you should pay particular attention to ensuring that the pole of the umbrella you choose and the diameter of the hole in your table are compatible.

Here are the great umbrella models you can find at Umbrella House and use with your tables;

  • Avocado Square Garden Umbrella
  • Avocado Clips Round Garden Umbrella
  • Avocado Round Garden Umbrella
  • Kiwi Clips Round Beach Umbrella

Best Umbrella Models

Avocado Square Garden Umbrella is one of the most common models that use the rope reel umbrella system. Models under 3mt are widely preferred on beaches or by the pool, while sizes of 3mt and above are garden umbrella models preferred by places such as restaurants and cafes.

Avocado Clips Round Garden Umbrella is a design that provides aesthetic and ease of use in two different sizes, which is highly appreciated by users. The round model with and without fringes adds value to the visuality of your venue. Its simple structure and easy opening and closing make the avocado clips round garden umbrella unique.

Avocado Round Garden Umbrella is one of the most preferred models of the rope reel system. With its 8 slice body and printing on fringes, you can highlight the corporate identity of your venue. Skeletons can be colored for different projects, and color and pattern work can be done on fabrics.

Kiwi Clips Round Umbrella is the most luxurious alternative for beach, balcony, pool and table umbrellas. The model produced with and without fringes is used seamlessly in many hotel and beach projects. It is one of the flagship products of our company that you can easily put two sun loungers on and optionally use the center table.

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