Garden Umbrella Manufacturer and Supplier

Garden Umbrella Manufacturing

Garden Umbrella Manufacturer and Supplier

The Umbrella House is a leading umbrella manufacturer and supplier of Garden umbrellas. Our professional team of garden umbrella manufacturer and designers are constantly refreshing their existing Garden umbrella models and revealing newer designs and patterns compared to the latest trends in the market.

Garden Umbrellas

Garden umbrellas are one of the types of umbrellas that protect you from external factors, usually in open spaces and gardens, and unlike hand umbrellas, they are more than 2 meters in size so that too many people can sit under it comfortably. Garden umbrellas are produced in many varieties.

Although the areas of use of these oversized umbrellas are very different, their common names are garden umbrellas. In addition, these umbrellas with very different usage areas are the most economical and simplest solution in shading systems. Apart from the aesthetics and richness it adds to the space used, they benefit from protection from sunlight in summer and light spring rains in spring. Because these benefits are economical and practical solution, the number one shading system is of course the garden umbrellas.

In addition, garden umbrellas are also used for decorative purposes. Each place has its own decoration and architectural design. Umbrellas make an important contribution to decoration especially in outdoor arrangement. According to the preferred color and model, it gives a bright and fresh air to the place where they are used, and at the same time, a wrong image may occur with incompatible choices.

Garden umbrella varieties are mainly; It is known as telescopic, rope spool, valve and side body. In the selection of umbrellas, firstly the wind and rainfall conditions of the usage area should be taken into consideration and garden umbrellas of the appropriate type should be preferred. In addition, it will be a very important advantage to choose light colored umbrellas for protection from the sun in summer.

Why to Use?

Garden umbrellas have many different uses. However, the most common area of use is to protect people from the sun in holiday resorts. Apart from that, it also stands out as a material that people can easily sit and chat in their gardens. Our company is trying to provide the best services in this regard and is trying to make these manufacturing in the best quality way.

Company’s Sales

Our company produces and sells these garden umbrellas to many different places. Since the quality and usability of the umbrellas we produce are high, they are among the indispensables of hotels that offer services in many different holiday resorts.

You can acquire the services and products we offer as well as check the quality of these materials by getting touch with the company through the contact number. We offer all these services for you to get the best service and to use these materials in the most comfortable way.

You can reach us through the contact number of our company and tell us which materials you need and how much you need them. After that, we will provide you with services. As a company, we are trying to provide the best service in our field and we are trying to provide these materials for your best use.

Why Us?

There should be some reasons why you should choose us among all these companies and organizations offering this service. Because hotels and people want to buy the highest quality product under the most favorable conditions both when buying these materials in their homes.


  • 35 years of experience,
  • Our greatest quality in production,
  • Our customer satisfaction oriented working system,
  • The long lasting features of the products may be among your reasons.


For all these reasons we have been preferred by people for many years and our products have been used for years.

Garden Decorations

People may want to design and use the gardens of their homes to suit their tastes. Because you may want to relax in these gardens and have nice dinners and breakfasts with your family members. You can easily do these activities under the roof of the products we produce.

Our products;

  • Long service life,
  • Quality,
  • Compliance with garden decoration,
  • It is among the products that can be easily preferred with its reasonable price,

High Quality and Reasonable Price

Among the main reasons why this service and the garden umbrellas we produce are so much in demand and preferred are the high quality as well as the concern we show for our customers in sales and the favorable prices.

Because people want to buy high quality at reasonable prices, which is the basic logic of trade and a tradition that has been going on for years. We also offer our best quality products at very reasonable prices.

You can buy and use these products that we have produced and contribute to garden decoration. For this, you can choose our company.

Big Garden Umbrella Manufacturer

Our company produces garden umbrellas in our umbrella factory and sells to many countries of the world. As the umbrellas we produce as garden umbrellas manufacturer are high quality and usability, they are among the indispensable of hotels that offer service in many different holiday towns.

You can obtain the services and products we offer, and you can check the quality of these materials by contacting the company through the contact number. We offer all these services in order to get the best service and to use these materials in the most comfortable way.

You can reach us from the contact number of our company, which is a manufacturer of garden umbrella, and you can tell us what materials and how much you need. After that we will serve you. As a company, we strive to provide the best service in our field and strive to make the most of our umbrellas.

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