Modern Garden Design

Modern Garden Design

Modern Garden Design

Initially we need to decide what kind of garden we want to prepare in order to design modern garden. At the beginning, it is necessary for you to decide whether you are going to use this garden to have fun with a crowded group of friends or to have a little chat with our best mates while grabbing a cup of coffee or tea or to rest and sit in peace while reading a book. After deciding this, you need to choose whether you would like a super luxurious garden or smooth but an elegant one or a cute garden which is personalized with the items that you made on your own. Additionally, you should ask the questions to yourself: Is it going to be for summer or for winter or for all four seasons? Am I going to use this garden as a decoration place for your home? It is crucial to give answer to these questions. since the garden you desire is going to end up by answering these questions.

After determining the theme desired, the first stage is organization of the landscape. We know that the most important things in a garden are the plants in it. Flowers we are going to choose, trees we are going to plant, if we are to grow, fruit and vegetable trees etc. Plant care is very difficult thing to do, as it requires a lot of time and attention. Watering the plants in your garden regularly and protecting them from pesticides by finding organic or chemical solutions can not be underestimated. After finding pretty and elegant flowers which are suitable for our theme, to preserve the refreshness, you need to determine the number of types of the flowers as 3-5 in maximum. You should know the importance of the harmony of your flowers and decoration. Because in order for a garden to create a visual banquet, the most important aspects are harmony and balance. The most important thing in modern garden design is to have garden umbrellas.

After putting a tick to these, a beautiful journey which it starts from the stones of the garden path you will use in our garden floor and ends at the little ornaments of the corner you want to create for yourself is waiting for you.

Provided that your home is not large enough, the thing you need to do is absolutely to avoid designing a big garden, of course it is not like this if you want your home to seem small. Moreoever, Why shouldn't the illusion which we make by using light colors like light white and which we use inside our homes work for garden design? You can make sure that preference of white for your garden furniture and walls is going to make your garden look bigger than it actually is. You need to act creatively to catch a modern look. You can do this while choosing colors, furnitures, colors, self made items which you are going to use and tiny bush etc. You may take must-flowers, a seat to sit, an outsider umbrella for a shadowed area, tiny poodles and lights into consideration. Nobody is going to be against these, but if you say that you want a more luxurious look, you can get this look with simply a garden swing, a fountain, a pool or a look for your garden path.

It remains to you to dream lying on your sunbed, while your umbrella is between you and sun, among the flowers, in your corner, to chat with your friends on garden sofas, to have a little party while having a barbecue at the same time or to sunbathe. Yet, your garden enables the atmosphere for you to abandon the stress you experience in the rest of your life. Trust your imagination and design the place you can isolate yourself or have fun with your friends. If your garden is large enough, you can build a small pond or a natural looking waterfall made by the stones. Just be creative and try to keep things in balance. In design of garden and landscape, one of the most wonderful way for a natural look is to add an ornamental pool beside the sitting place. Hence, It would be inevitable to create a relaxing and peaceful view in your garden which includes being able to watch water. You can create an excellent nature scenery by adding flowers and trees around your ornamental pool.

No matter what kind of design you select, if you want a luxurious look, wholeness has to be included  in design.

You can think of night lamps, natural step stones, ivies along the garden walls and bamboos to modernize your garden. Usage of synthetic grass is one ideal and not requiring too much care way to have a full green garden. Green mazes, cobblestone paths, small ponds, pools, colorful flowers and small trees are all components you can use while designing a paradise-like garden.

In a tiny garden, because you dont have too much space for decoration, it is very important to use correct details. The shortest way to add a style to a space is to create a decoration concept. For example, You may decorate by using retro furnitures and paintings. If you wish, you can choose from classical English, French and Italian gardens.

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