İnspiring Designs For The Garden

İnspiring Designs For The Garden

İnspiring Designs For The Garden

Garden Designs

Our gardens are an important living space for us. You can use it in summer and winter seasons, only in summer or just for an aesthetic look. You can research different designs according to your style and decorate a magnificent garden for yourself. In this way, you will have a pleasant endeavor. After talking about decorative items that you can use in all garden styles, I will move on to the designs:

You can choose umbrellas that you can use both in summer and winter seasons. Choosing an umbrella suitable for your garden according to its various colors and designs will add a stylish look to your garden. You can create a stylish and comfortable space by using umbrellas with cooling feature in summer and heating feature in winter. You can create a fun atmosphere in your garden by using swings, sun beds and hammocks. Garden furniture suitable for the design you choose increases the quality of your time in your garden. You can make various lighting in your garden according to the light intensity you want. You can use led lights or tree lanterns for this. I will talk about all garden designs starting from natural garden design. How to design a natural garden?

Natural Garden Desing

For a natural garden, first of all, you need to get the desired look with the right planting. How you choose plants for this is all about time and care that you can devote to your plant. Some plants are not in need of water and care, while some plants are in need of regular care. When using larger plants on the outside of your garden, you should use small plants as you come towards the interior. Growing your own vegetables and fruits in your natural garden  will also add a pleasant atmosphere to your garden. So you can also create your own mini hobby greenhouse. You will both have a nice hobby for yourself and be healthy. You should also choose a suitable irrigation system for your natural garden design. Also, avoiding the use of chemicals for a natural garden design is important in order not to spoil the naturalness of your garden. Choosing your furniture and flooring wood will be a suitable choice for naturalness.

Modern Garden Desing

You need modern ideas for a modern garden design. A modern garden should be simple and proportionate. You should pay attention to symmetry and care for your garden to keep the order intact. Using concrete instead of wood is more suitable for modern garden design.

Japanese Garden Desing

Peace and simplicity are aimed in this style, also known as the Asian style. Water is an indispensable item and only low-maintenance plants or algae should be preferred if it is desired to lay in zen style. Although it is similar to Zen gardens, water is not used in zen gardens. Instead of; sand or tiny stones are used. There is a symbolized item in the accessories used. A plain appearance is obtained by using rocks and pebbles.

Mediterranean Garden Desing

If you like the designs of countries such as Greece and Spain, you can design your garden with the Mediterranean garden design that suits this style. A blue and white color intensive design is a must. You can also use coffee tones and wood on your furniture or desk. You can provide a nice look by choosing red bricks on walls or floors.

Classıc Garden Desing

Classical garden design is a more nostalgic and traditional design example. Wooden floors and decorations can be used. You can also decorate using cedars.

Tropical Garden Desing

Thanks to the tropical plants you use in your tropical garden decoration, your garden can stay green every season. Do not forget to use the indispensable plant cactus of the tropical garden. This type of garden is used intensely in wood and these gardens have a different style than the known.

Winter Garden Desing

Winter gardens are the areas you can use both in summer and winter. It contains plants that you can grow in every season. You can also turn your balconies and terraces into a winter garden. A fireplace that you will use will warm both you and the environment. In addition, you can use the telescopic umbrellas we mentioned before to sit in an open area.

Art Garden Desing

By establishing a wooden hobby room in the art gardens, you can create a pleasant and enjoyable space. The sculptures and trinkets you use will also allow you to achieve a pleasant harmony. You can also create an eye catching appearance by blending or shaping plant species with art.

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