Umbrellas and Garden Accesorıes

Umbrellas and Garden Accesorıes

Umbrellas and Garden Accesorıes

Umbrella and Garden Accesorıes

Accessories are of great importance to make small touches to your garden. By using garden accessories, you can create a magnificent, stylish, beautiful and aesthetic atmosphere in your garden.

Swıng and Hammcok

Hammock and swing will beautify your garden. The swing and hammock you use will add a fun and different atmosphere to your garden. It is very preferred both in terms of stylish appearance and decorative.

Kamelya and Bank

Having a bench or camellia in your garden allows you to create park atmosphere.

Pear Sofa 

Pear seats and floor cushions, which add a warm and friendly atmosphere to their environment, give your garden a beautiful look. It creates vitality in the environment by energizing it with its image.

Water Decoratıons for Garden

The sound of water is a natural sound that relaxes people. For this, you can use garden fountains, ornamental pools, swimming pools, sun beds, garden waterfalls, decorative fountains and jacuzzis.


Having a pool in your garden makes you feel like you are on vacation both summer or winter seasons. Having massage jacuzzis in your garden is also a great alternative for your relaxation.


You can relax in your garden on your comfortable sun lounger while you can sunbathe and read your book.

Gardem Waterfalls

You will experience great peace with garden waterfalls, which have a very natural and relaxing atmosphere with their appearance.


Using bowers, which are covered on all four sides and have different domes and sizes, will add a magnificent atmosphere to your garden. If you want, you can also decorate your bowers with plants.

Open Aır Fıreplace

Outdoor fireplaces can help if you want to spend time in your garden during winter days and cool weather.

Garden Bowl or Tent

Garden bowl or tent, which is a beautiful decorative product, has a design that will make you comfortable in your garden. It also protects you from rain and sun.


Besides the bowls and tents we mentioned above, umbrellas may be the another alternative that protect you from the sun, rain and snow. Recently, with the advancement of technology, telescopic umbrellas have appeared. Telescopic garden umbrellas have a feature that can heat or cool the environment in which they are located. In this way, you can be protected from both sun and rain, and you can get a warm and cold environment in summer-winter. These umbrellas are very wind resistant and do not take up much space in the environment. When purchasing an umbrella, you can choose a variety of colors and sizes to suit your decoration.


Garden lighting is important for your garden. First of all, you should make a lighting in a location that will illuminate the whole garden. Then, you can also make lighting in the places you see fit in your garden. You can add a dim atmosphere to your garden thanks to the colorful candles you can use in lighting. Candles are small details that will make your garden look gorgeous. Another alternative you can use for lighting is lanterns. Besides, you can design your garden lighting in various ways with LED lighting. For example; You can illuminate areas such as garden walls, walking areas, stairs with the help of a led light. Also, using stylish accessory products such as candlesticks in your garden will help in lighting and decor. You can also use decorative oil lamps, which are one of the stylish accessories for beautiful lighting.

Garden Torch

It is a nice lighting option that you can use to add an exotic atmosphere to your garden.


You can create your own organic greenhouse and thus you can grow the fruits and vegetables you want in your garden. It will be more delicious to eat organic vegetables and fruits that you produce.

Rose Belt

It provides a cool and beautiful view at the entrance of your garden.

Cute Garden Clubs

You can make a decorative garden club as a winter garden or hobby area.


When we say garden, most of us have a lush green image. The flowers you use in the gardens provide a fresh, natural and beautiful view to your garden. For this, you can create a beautiful flower corner surrounded by fences if you wish. You can purchase ceramic, plastic or wooden pots for the accessory. You can also design your pots by yourself. You can create a stylish look for your garden by growing your colorful flowers in pots. In addition, wall pots
are also preferred today. You can also grow your flowers in different ways, except for pots. For example; you can paint the car tires to the color you want and grow them in it. It is a beautiful accessory to your garden and will add a different atmosphere.

Fencces, Trees and Bamboo Paravan

Paravan and fence are frequently preferred in garden accessories. You can close your garden around with the help of wooden fences of various sizes and colors. In addition, you can use trees that will add a natural look to your garden. For example; Trees such as palm, white spring tree will benefit both in terms of decorative and shadow. You can use bamboo to divide your garden into compartments.

Garden Bıbles

Decorative trinkets that will be used in garden accessories will add a stylish and different atmosphere.

Wooden Play Houses

If you have children, wooden play houses that you will use in your garden will be a nice playground for your children. Besides the wooden play houses, the sand pool is a product that you can use to prevent children from getting bored in the garden. These products will make your kids very happy.

Ornaments You Can Use On The Garden Floor

You can decorate your garden with tiny pebbles and colored stones, which are among
the indispensable elements of a stylish garden and which you can use on the garden floor.

Decorative Items That Can Be Used In Garden Decoration

– Decorative Wire Mesh Bashet
– Clock
– Wind Flower
– Record
– Metal Cages
– Bird Leech

You can renew your old items by sanding them before and then painting them with the help of spray paint. For example; You can create a beautiful accessory to your garden by painting your old bike with the help of spray paint.
Even painting the dustbin we use as a need in the gardens can add a colorful and pleasant look to the garden. Everything is up to your imagination and creativity.

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