Cafe Decoration

Cafe Decoration

Cafe Decoration

Cafes; It is one of the stops for reducing daily stress, getting a little calm, you can relax under cafe umbrellas. Sitting with friends and chatting and for some activities. If you have a cafe, you should design your cafe in style for your customers and employees. Customers coming to your cafe should be comfortable. A spacious decor will both make customers comfortable and have a pleasant time. Along with the service you provide, your cafe design is also an important element that attracts the customer.

It is important to position the tables and chairs. One customer should not disturb the other customer while getting up and sitting. While uncomfortable chairs are preferred in fast food cafe decoration, comfortable chairs and armchairs should be preferred in boutique cafes. You determine your potential customers according to the way you decorate your cafe. Some cafes are designed for people to open their laptops and enjoy and take their books and drink their coffee in a quiet environment. Some cafes are designed for people to celebrate, organize various events and have a pleasant time by chatting with loud music.

If we talk about interior design;

High bar stools and bar counters in the interior are among the most popular decorations day by day. You can use these stools to create a more intimate and warm environment in your

For example; I would definitely recommend rustic style to those who want to open a boutique cafe. The rustic style has been highly demanded by cafes with modern decoration recently. It is a decoration with dense wood and reflections from nature. Choosing a rustic style will add a fresh and intimate atmosphere to your cafe. In addition, using antiques and old items in your decoration will add a 'vintage' atmosphere to your place. You can also make your decoration more warm and cozy with fireplaces or fireplace-like stoves.

Or those who want to open an artistic cafe like a book cafe or music cafe;decorations can be made according to the preferred art type. For the book cafe, creating a library designed with different boks and for those who prefer music cafe, an adornment style with old plaques and posters will be very effective.

If you want to decorate a cafe with garden;

Garden decoration is a very interesting choice especially for scenic cafes. How can we arrange the decoration of your dream cafe with a garden?

It may be necessary to camouflage artificial materials to be used in garden design with similar greens such as grass and flowers. In addition, a cafe that produces its own fruits and vegetables will be the center of attention of its customers and will gain confidence and attract attention in terms of its health. One of the most important points of the garden of your cafe is to create a shaded area. You may need to close your garden to protect your summer-winter cafe garden against water, sun and moisture. You can use the patio, which is one of the suitable products for this. You can create a private and shady area for your garden with a patio. But you may need to cover the patio you use in your garden with trees. because even though there is a roof on the veranda, when the sun hits from the side, your
veranda will become very hot and will not sit.

Using umbrellas for your garden allows you to sit comfortably on sunny days and adds a beautiful look to the decoration. It will be a very stylish choice to use umbrellas according to the decoration of the cafe, to be colorful and plain. Recently, especially in the cafes of the summer regions, ceilings are covered with small umbrellas (with the help of a rope). This, together with adding a pleasant appearance, will create an interesting image for the

Pear seats are of great importance in terms of comfort. You can create a comfortable environment for your customers by having a pear seat in the garden of the cafe.

Pay attention to lighting, first add light to a place that illuminates the whole garden. Light up the stairs, sitting areas and paths in the garden. Lighting is very important not only for outdoor but also for indoor. To make coloring that will not tire the eye without exaggeration will make your cafe preferable.

Decoration accessories are very important in cafe design. For example; By using accessories such as small frames, paintings or watches, you will provide a nice view to the cafe design. And also; decorations on the walls, wall stickers and objects on the wall mounted shelves will add color to your decoration and will be interesting for your customers.

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