What We Do?

Yandan Direkli Mega Model 10 Kollu Bahçe Şemsiyesi

What We Do?

Umbrella House Co. is one of the biggest umbrella manufacturer and parasol manufacturer in Istanbul.  As one of the important parasol manufacturer in the region, we concentrate on quality and strength and service. Unlike many other parasol manufacturer , our first priority is the durability of our products which makes our parasols long lasting. Since we are a parasol manufacturer we can customize our products with different sizes , and fabric colors , varities of frames. Our main product ranges are cafe umbrella, restaurant umbrella, luxury umbrella, garden umbrellas and beach umbrellas.

Our cafe umbrella and restaurant umbrella  offers excellent and natural  shading to sitting area, our cafe umbrella and restaurant umbrella mainly has side poles which gives a greater sitting area to cafe and restaurant owners.  Our strong umbrella is resistant to severe weather conditions, strong umbrella or heavy duty umbrella must stay strong for winds.

Restaurant umbrella and cafe umbrella can be manufactured in variety of sizes , fabric colors depending on customer expectations and layout of the spaces. Our strong umbrellas is demonstrated in many exhibitions around the world , and our umbrellas are appreciated globally. We apply acryclic and olefine fabric for cafe umbrella and restaurant umbrella for better shading options and offer warranty for our fabrics depending on type that you choose.

Telescopic umbrella is commonly used in cafes and restaurants . Our telescopic umbrella with its strong main pole and ribs offers consistent solutions and because of its telescopic  feature  , when it is closed , doesn’t distub people underneath.  Telescopic umbrella is very sufficient solution for big areas need to be shaded. Telescopic umbrella sizes start from 3*3 to 5*5 meters , telescopic umbrella has the crank system for easy operation.

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